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…Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. 1 Peter 3:15

Earn the right...

Earn the right to be heard by building trusting friendships and relationships.


Rules without relationship equals rebellion. We lead the Body of Christ through a biblical style of passionate listening, purposeful relation building and the encouragement of editable living with and influencing of others.

Meet people...

Meet people where they are at – not where you want them to be.


The greatest mistake the Body of Christ ever makes and most Christians live by is the M.O. of pushing people into their own worldview. Here, we teach the ability to redirect your motivations and truly understand people in need.

Deliver the truth...

Deliver the truth to people when the time it is absolutely right.


Most of us push a truth well in advance of when some one needs to hear it, or for that matter, are ready to accept it. Through our training mature Christians learn to deliver the truth to young people at the right time.


Leading the Body of Christ with a prepared answer for unexpected pregnancy.

We were kids. She was 17 and I was 19. She was finishing high school and I was transferring to a major university – and then – she shared with me, she was pregnant.
What do I do? Where do I go? Who do I talk to?
As a young man I was clueless and as a young woman Heidi was fearful. Together we mustered our way through the situation to raise our first child – and today – we have 10 children and 3 grandchildren.
Yet what about the other 2.5M kids between the ages of 15-24 who face this on their own each year? What about them? How do they handle the situation and what’s the outcome?
Sadly, more than 97% of kids facing unexpected pregnancy will face it alone and never seek help from their family – even their own family church.
That’s where you’ll find Heidi and I together as a couple today.
We’re leading the Body of Christ to have a prepared answer for the hope that they have, to reconcile their personal story and to lead young people to build Godly families by encouraging men and women to choose life during an unexpected pregnancy and develop their families as followers of Christ.

The reason? Simple. We’ve learned a Father’s Great Love Changes Everything.


Kurt & Heidi Ramspott

“With a compelling personal story and heartfelt passion, Kurt Ramspott is a tireless advocate for life. He communicates with intensity — and compassion! I’ve known Kurt for several years and admire his dedication to help men who are unexpected dads to embrace their role and lead their family.”

John Fuller
John FullerVP - Focus on the Family

“Kurt carries an unshakeable passion for life…and fathers. It is an anointing from the Lord. God’s choices in those He calls “to go” confound the wise, but He gets a man who needs Him all the time…and that is where the fruit comes from. Kurt is God’s man and his heart beats with the desire that young fathers…”

George Eusterman
George EustermanFounder - EGiving Systems

“Kurt’s work revolutionized the success of many pregnancy resource centers in equipping young men to stand for the lives of their unborn babies and stay involved in their lives as fathers. He served as a catalyst in our ministry to expand our services to include the partners of the clients we traditionally served.”

Cindy O’Leary
Cindy O’LearyExecutive Director - Hope Pregnancy Center

“I took your mentor training in California back in 2008. More than just impacting my life I am grateful to be able to pass on the encouragement you gave me. Using your training I was able to determine a young man was a “Willing Learner” and I was able to coach him to be a “Champion for Life”. Thanks for leading the charge, Kurt.”

Jason Zeda
Jason ZedaMen’s Mentor - Modesto Pregnancy Ctr.

I decided to work with Kurt completely based on our relationship. I knew Kurt’s heart and because I REALLY knew his heart. I knew that he could be trusted to produce relevant “Dad” material. If anyone were to ask me, I would tell them that Kurt’s training is a great way to learn practical ways to reach, teach and equip Dad’s facing a crisis pregnancy situations.

Nile Abele
Nile AbeleExec. Dir. Stillwater Life Services

One year Kurt was a speaker at the CareNet conference and we got excited about what he was doing! Through him we saw the need to equip our mentors to serve better and evaluate how we serve male clientele. His training should be a part of every center’s training if they are considering or already have a male mentoring program in place. It motivates, educates and equips centers to serve men in the best possible way!

Amanda Patterson
Amanda PattersonExec. Dir. Alpha House Pregnancy Center

Kurt’s provided amazing resources, support and training for Male Mentors and gone beyond us saying ‘its great to have men involved’. With his leading our Men’s Ministry/Male Mentors is finally taking off and we have 5 regular guys who work consistently with male clients weekly.

Pamela Palumbo
Pamela PalumboCEO Pregnancy Clinic - Annapolis, Bowie Crofton and Severna Park

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