Merry Christmas!

On behalf of Heidi, my children (and yes, even Daisy our new dog) the Ramspott’s want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and pray for an even more prosperous 2016!

God’s been doing a significant work in our marriage, our family and the people we are so very fortunate to work with this first year!

Our hope is you enjoy and experience Jesus in a significantly new way this 2016. We also pray, that through your life, Jesus would be made glorious through the testimonies of people you come to know and love! (1 Peter 3:15)

Three families sent forth

We’re thrilled watching what God is doing to rekindle the flame of compassion with His bride The Church! Together, we just sent three families forth December 14th to return to their own churches and be the voice for young couples facing unexpected pregnancy. Our 6 weeks worth of discipleship training has given them what they need to step up and step out. Enjoy their stories below:

OROshane & Rachel

Oshane and Rachel have five children and over time experienced a deep calling to reach young people experiencing unexpected pregnancy. As a young couple with children they understand the tremendous responsibility having children at a young age can bring. Therefore, they enrolled in discipleship training and used the
ir young family position as a means to bridge the gap with other, younger people facing this issue. Here’s what they had to say after training:

Rachel and I are truly grateful that we have an opportunity to receive this training. Over the past few years, the Lord has given us a tremendous burden for the family as a whole. This training is equipping us to better handle the opportunities that God gives us to minister to his people and share His love.

Before receiving this training, one of our biggest hurdles was knowing what to say and how to relate to the people the Lord would bring in our path. With this training we feel a lot more confident and better prepared to face the next opportunity. We are truly thankful that God has given you and your wife a vision to equip others in this area of great need.

Oshane and Rachel

RRRyan & Rachel

Ryan and Rachel have a young and budding family. For years they’ve felt the draw to support men and women facing tough situations. Yet, they never knew how to take something so personal and turn it into something they could live out in their own church. After training Ryan penned the following letter for him and Rachel:

With discipleship at the heart of our calling as followers of Jesus, it’s so valuable to have resources like A Father’s Great Love. Kurt and Heidi have faithfully served their savior in discipling young parents and parents-to-be out of the darkness and fear that can come with an unintended pregnancy and onto the path of hope that is illuminated by the Word of God, where families can thrive. Having the opportunity to tap their experience is a great way to prepare our hearts and minds for this specific area of discipleship. There is a real need in our communities to encourage these young parents to acknowledge the truth and to take up the responsibility of protecting and raising their children in the gospel, but its impossible to reach people that are so uncertain, afraid and often lied-to with mere human words and ideas. We need to properly bring God’s Word to bear carefully on such situations and AFGL’s training is a wonderful way to do that. It has strengthened our resolve and confidence in the Lord to give an answer for our hope in whatever lives He calls us to disciple.


Carl’s mother became pregnant with him at the age of 15. After a tremendously rough start to life Carl learned through our training how to lovingly leverage his story in the lives of other young people facing unexpected pregnancy. Taking what was meant for evil and converting it for God’s good he wrote:

Kurt was a veteran of pride until he was truly humbled by his Abba Father’s love. With his newfound love he quickly reconciled with his own earthly father. I listened to that experience astounding Kurt as his  father finally embraced him when he needed it most. That love inspired him, and then Heidi, to see justice in place for the dying unborn and it comes from a set of repentant, broken, and contrite hearts. A Father’s Great Love ministry approaches the physiology and psychology of individuals facing unplanned pregnancies like nothing I ever imagined. Kurt and Heidi’s classes prepare people of  The Church to have a sound biblical defense for the reason of their faith. Their training helped me understand the “real” person I’m listening to according to how young people deal with unplanned pregnancy. I never knew I needed to earn the right to speak into another persons life by first exercising selfless active listening and then creatively speak into the personal “why ” that individual uses to make every decision. Finally, they gave me the tools I need to be an advocate for life, young families and a resource in my own church.

You Make It Happen

Our ability to engage, encourage, equip and exhort fellow Christians to use their story saving lives and developing healthy young families happens as a result of your generosity. We provide training, encouragement and free resources such as brochures and DVD’s to people wanting to make an impact in the lives of people facing unexpected pregnancy.

As this year comes to a close, please, consider making a one-time wonderful donation and prayerfully consider joining as monthly stewards in this calling!

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