Our Family Vision

As leaders of our home Heidi and I were pleased to announce a healthy shift in the way we operate as a family ministry starting August of 2016.

In the past our children have had a passive role in ministry work with us, that is, they did what we asked, when we asked. Today our children will have an active role in our daily work to train mentors and train Christian couples to reach Father’s in unexpected pregnancy.

We believe one of the best ways to encourage our family to serve others as Christ would is to help them serve in a ministry their parents have undertaken first, then encourage them to discover additional ways to serve God through passions of their own. Recently, our daughter Madison came home from a 2-week mission trip to Cambodia and her heart is growing more passionate about serving children in need (VIDEO OF MADISON).

After homeschool and after meal jobs are done at the Ramspott home each child will have a core set of responsibilities to tackle one day per week M-F:

img_3326Timothy (18) is now responsible for AFGL technology. (Internet, webinars, etc.)

Madison (17) is now responsible for Arts and Creative (illustrations, artwork)

Lillian (15) is now responsible for Communications (Email, newsletters, follow up)

Emily (13) also communications

Rebecca (12) also communications.

Our three youngest boys Harrison, Johnathan and Oliver have been assigned humor and amusement.