Four profound facts occur as a result of a man individually mentoring another man through an unexpected pregnancy:

  • 85% of young men have a change of heart and choose LIFE for their unborn child
  • 73% of young men decide to start a family and not abandon the woman
  • The number of single mothers is reduced
  • 1 out of every 2 men receiving support from a Christian mentor chooses Jesus as his Lord and Savior

Our calling is to comfort these men, with the comfort we’ve been given by God (2 Corinthians 1:3-7). Learn how you can lead a young man to choosing LIFE and being a great and Godly man full circle.


Nothing makes a greater impact with a young man facing unexpected pregnancy than a loving male Christian mentor there for him to navigate his new life. Here’s what we provide to male mentors:

  • LESSON 1 – Understanding Joe – First lesson for male mentors teaching the value of understanding others. Break through lesson returning men to the lost art of disciple making.
  • LESSON 2- Connecting with Joe – After an understanding of guys, Lesson 2 teaches mentors practical “how-to’s” and best methods for connecting with the hearts and minds of men.
  • LESSON 3 – Situational Mentoring  – Provides men a 4-part road map for understanding male clients and creating a biblical/real world road map to working with male clients.
  • LESSON 4 – Situational Mentoring Scenarios & Role Play – Follow up to lesson #3 where mentors are challenged with client scenarios and as a group openly tackle situations through role play.
  • LESSON 5 – Build A Framework to Win  – Session dedicated at leading mentors to develop a written game plan with S.M.A.R.T. goals and action plans.
  • LESSON 6 – What We’ve Learned  – Full lesson review and open session for support requests and additional discipleship and mentoring resources.


AFGL provides the following support to see the Body of Christ uplifted in her desire to reach people in unexpected pregnancy:

  • AFGL Hotline, phone support (free)
  • Annual Men’s & Women’s Conferences (paid)
  • 24/7 AFGL Texting Network (free)
  • Ongoing After Hours Mentor/Disciple Webinars (free)
  • Weekly Encouragement Email (Free)
  • Online Mentor Network and Forums (Free)
  • Training online through the AFGL Join.Me web portal