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Kurt and Heidi started life on the wrong foot. After dating only four months they found they were pregnant.

Together they began a journey to raise their first child, then their second and the game was on. Today, they have a marriage of 27 years, 10 precious children and 3 grandchildren. Only through the redemptive work of Christ – providing them everlasting hope – did they more than endure.

They have a story to tell. Kurt and Heidi Ramspott speaking at your next event could bring the life your organizations needs.

Kurt has spoken for Heartbeat International, Care-Net and Life Matters Worldwide as a keynote speaker, plenary speaker and exhibitor. As well, he has been the featured keynote speaker to countless pregnancy care center banquets raising hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In November of 2012 Kurt traveled with a man he personally mentored, Aaron, to be a featured guest for two broadcasts with Focus On The Family.

Listen to Day #1 of Fatherhood Lost online.

Listen to Day #2 of Fatherhood Lost online.

The Ramspott’s together, or Kurt and Heidi separately, would enjoy the opportunity to speak at your next life-affirming, family centered, Gospel driven event.

Linda Trask“Kurt is a passionate, caring man of God. He is a tireless advocate seeking to equip godly men for pregnancy center ministry. Kurt knows the value of educating and supporting men in unplanned pregnancy in their role as a father. He also understands the important role men play in the lives of women facing unplanned pregnancies. Kurt has demonstrated his belief that when a man is educated about abortion, he will want to protect and care for his unborn child. As well, Kurt communicates the value of marriage to the men he mentors, encouraging them to commit to the mother of their children. I highly recommend Kurt as a pro life speaker and champion for life.”

Linda Trask. Executive Director Care Net PC of the Lakes Region

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